James Black (rubber_shirt) wrote in streaming_media,
James Black

Streaming tonight 10pm EST

Thursday and Sunday, July 22th and 25th, 2010, at 10pm EST (both days)

The National Cynical Network presents:

'A Midsummer Night's Show'

A variety of stuff we haven't played before, or at least not for a very very long time. 3 hours. Might be NSFW

Also, you can join us via IRC, in the #plundercast room on the irc.sensoryresearch.net server!

Or follow us on twitter for annotation and show announcements at www.twitter.com/plundercast

NSFW !!!! (May be disturbing to some listeners, delightful to others. Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this program)

***Listen links will only work at designated showtimes**** 

Alternate Listening Link


Your Contributions to the NCN Project are Appreciated

(Thank-You Gifts Available!)
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