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James Black

NCN on Plundercast Tomorrow 10pm EST

Sunday, July 25th, 2010, at 10pm EST (both days)

The National Cynical Network presents:

Over the Edge: The Willsaphone Stupid Show
Double CD Release Party

Phineas presents the resurrected master (with excellent fidelity as the original was recorded right from the live broadcast on hi-fi stereo videotape) from March of 1994 originally broadcast on KPFA on Negativland's radio show 'Over the Edge'. This 5-hour extravaganza features MOST of Negativland: Don Joyce, David (The Weatherman) Wills and Mark Hosler (via phone) celebrating the then new double cd release of 'The Willsaphone Stupid Show - Over the Edge Vol. 6'. Includes a special Dream Seminar by Dr. Oslo Norway, exclusive Willsaphone Stupid Show cd outtakes and a SPECIAL appearance by The Wheel of Fortune! Learn secrets from the history of The Weatherman and hear (over) half of the original lineup of The National Cynical Network before it even existed! The entire show will be on Plundercast. The first 3 hours of the show will also be simul-streamed on DFM. A blast from the past not to be missed!!

Also, you can join us via IRC, in the #plundercast room on the irc.sensoryresearch.net server!

Or follow us on twitter for annotation and show announcements at www.twitter.com/plundercast

NSFW !!!! (May be disturbing to some listeners, delightful to others. Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this program)

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