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NCN on Plundercast: 'HEAT' - Tonight and Sunday at 10pm EST


NCN Presents HEAT

On Thursday 09/30/10 and Sunday 10/03/10
from 10pm to 1am (EST)
(which is 2am - 5am GMT, Friday and Monday mornings)

This week's program is called 'Heat' and is about the current heatwave, hot weather in general, songs about summer, and global warming. Features work by Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, Bette Midler, NIN, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Reed, 'Weird Al', Genesis, Asia, Underground, Zappa, Johnny Cash, Stan Ridgway, Glenn Frey, Nelly and Billy Idol. Underground mash-up and collage work by Captain Beefheart, Chocomang, DJ MXR, Maxwell Jump, DJ Morgoth, Bobby Martini, RIAA, mARKYbOY, DJ MashUP, DJ BC, DJ Shylock, Tone396, Mastermix, Cabaret Voltaire, Coil, and DJ Doc Rok. This Thursday and Sunday Nights at 10pm EST / 7pm PST / 2am GMT.

Also, you can join us via IRC, in the #plundercast room on the irc.sensoryresearch.net server!

Or follow us on twitter for annotation and show announcements at www.twitter.com/plundercast
NSFW !!!! (May be disturbing to some listeners, delightful to others. Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this program)

***Listen links will only work at designated showtimes****

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