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James Black

NCN / OTE - 'Mom and Dad' Program up at Bandcamp

NOTE - Most of this program is stream-able for free through bandcamp, but if you purchase the entire package, you get the FULL program which includes almost an hour more otherwise hidden bonus material constituting the full program which includes 23 minutes of Phineas talking to callers.

This is the complete and uncut 5+hour version of the show NCN did with Don Joyce (of Negativland) in May of 1991 mixed live on KPFA 94.1 FM in the SF Bay Area.

One of our darker shows, this is a long, audio collage about parents and dysfunctional families. No post-mixing has been done on this show. This recording was recorded onto hi-fi video tape (audio only) directly off the studio headphone jack as the show took place live.

This program is directly and digitally taken from that original recording.

Mom and Dad
The National Cynical Network
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