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NCN / Pumpkinhead Presents 'The End of Time' Audio Collage Program now Available

This is the Narco edit of NCN with JC Clone on the PUMPKINHEAD show at our old stomping grounds, KFJC on May 21st, 2011. Boiled down to the best sequences (IMHO) and blended seamlessly, this edit is taken from the original 6-hour show and in the more digestible 4-Hour 'Narco Edit' of the resultant live mix. Some post-production has been done on it for sweetening and enhanced listenability.

This turned out to be mostly about the May 21st rapture HOAX perpetrated by Harold Camping and his vehicle, Family Radio but delves also into the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse prediction as well as time travel, Hindu time structures, pop culture references about time, and quantum physics.

Hear this show which originally was broadcast and mixed live on the 'GUARANTEED' scheduled DATE of The 'RAPTURE'(tm) 05-21-11 ('Rapture' event time subject to change, not valid in UTAH :P)

Includes re-worked, excerpted, re-contextualized and re-mixed material from Oingo Boingo, Blondie, Go Home Productions, Harold Camping and Family Radio, Alan Watts, Brad Fiedel, NIN, Johnny Cash, Pat Robertson, David Koresh, Philip Glass, Tool, REM, Crystal Method, Dr. Quantum, The Rolling Stones, Huey Lewis and The News, Marilyn Manson, Carl Sagan, U2, Marilyn Manson, Daniel Knox, Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello, Ewan Dobson, U2, Jill Tracy and The Kleptones and much more. In a continuous, psychedelic, stream-of-consciousness format.

This program is meant to be heard in its entirety and has been created as a piece of art as expressed through the program's uniquely re-contextualized form, as well as for the purpose of commentary and criticism of the themes and material fairly used therein.

This program is not for profit. All proceeds are donations that go back to the NCN project.


The End of Time [with JC Clone]
The National Cynical Network

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