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Seeing as I have been given the helm of this comm I thought I best do something with it - gothicat

This is a place to advertise your internet ventures such as radio stations, podcasts, shows, internet tv and the like. I'm happy for you to advertise pretty much anything that comes under that banner. I only have a few things to say if you are advertising.

*Images over 600x600 behind a cut please <lj-cut text="text here">.
*Make sure your code is working, preview if you are unsure.
*Leave comments on so others can reply to your ad.

If you are wanting help feel free to post questions as well.

As for anything else, if it comes up then we will deal with it there and then. Have fun guys and keep doing what you are doing.

gothicat's Ventures are catnip_radio, Catnip Radio main website

If you would like a link to your streaming media site then mail me
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